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Century Graphic camera lamp and tripod.  This is a great piece for any interior space.
artfully placed on an old wooden tripod and the added light to make a floor lamp that will be talked about by all who visit your home or office. The light is fully dim able via the inline switch and it stands about 58" tall

Graflex manufactured the Century Graphic from 1949 to 1970, a 21-year lifespan unfathomable in today’s culture of relatively disposable digital systems. The Century Graphic comes from an era in which cameras were expected to perform for decades. Graflex’s reputation for exceptional build quality, combined with its supreme adaptability, made 4x5 Speed Graphics the first choice for the reporters and photojournalists of the day. Perhaps the ultimate testament to the dependability of these cameras is that the US military chose Graflex to build the cameras used by the Signal Corps in WWII and the Korean and Vietnam wars.
This 2x3 Century Graphic shares many of the features that made the larger Graflex models the tools of choice for photographers working under the most demanding conditions. It is essentially a miniature view camera housed within a sturdy folding box. The front “standard,” the upright panel that holds the lens, extends along focusing rails built into the inside of the front of the box. It is connected to the rear standard, the back of the box that holds the film, by bellows that keep the camera light-tight. Like other view cameras, it has a ground glass back allowing for precision focusing and framing. It also has a removable viewfinder (made of magnesium!) and a “sports” frame finder that extends from the front standard.

Graphlex Century Graphic 2x3 Camera Lamp on Tripod

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