A Mallory UHF Tuner, model TV 101. Bakelite is in excellent condition!...This model, Mallory's TV-101 is a tube-operated TV UHF/VHF converter box Model TV-101 made by P.R. Mallory & Co. in Indianapolis, circa 1952. The tuner was a popular device for allowing older televisions with tuners limited to VHF to receive UHF channels 14-83 .  I have turned this beautiful piece into a mid-century modern desk or accent lamp.  The dials still move the needle.  The  t-9 bulbs extend approximately 15" from the top of the box.  I have added a perforated metal back and a 7 watt bulb in the housing for an added affect.  The bulbs are fully dimmable with the inline dimmer on the brass colored twisted cloth lamp cord.  If you a mid century modern geek this is the piece for you.

Mallory TV tuner lamp


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